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Hey ladies, Guess what! Its officially Pumpkin Spice season and I have not had one pumpkin spiced latte yet. I guess the only reason I haven't is because I'm on weight watchers and its packed with sugar. I'll definitely be looking for some sort of alternative. But, the other reason I'm excited is because it’s time for your boots, scarfs, tights, cardigans, sweaters and hats to come out of hiding. I absolutely love this season that’s about to explode, so this comes with much excitement.

Okay first let us discuss quickly how long fall actually lasts. Fall begins September 22nd and ends December 21st…..say what. So let me break down what fall dates I'm referring to for this post, September 22nd to November 15th. These dates are safe for wearing trench coats, flats and long sleeved t-shirts. After November 15th we pretty much fall into colder days that require more clothing and proper accoutrements, see that fancy word I threw in there. So if you are a beginner these six items below are your starter pack, your break-out from summer and a good gear up for celebrating the most wonderful time of the year.

Because im so cool, okay maybe not.... I decided to put together my go staples I slay with. I choose these because I have all six pieces in my closet right now. I'll be doing a different post on things waiting in my shopping cart.

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  1. TRENCH COAT (out of stock) this and this oh my gosh don’t we all need one. This is a staple that is not a trend item. It actually serves a purpose. keeps you warm in between those weird weather transition days.

  2. LEOPARD FLATS for the win. We can’t always throw on a pair of heels and run out the door looking chic. However with these staple shoes we can look like we just took a stroll in Paris.

  3. STRIPED SHIRTS are my staple item. I wear a strip shirt at least three times a week; I am not KIDDING. For me it works. I’m 5’11 flat foot so small patterns work with my tall frame.

  4. CHELSEA BOOTS are a must. I truly believe you need about three of these for fall and winter. Every year I have to buy a new pair because I wear them through the winter and into spring.

  5. GREEN TRENCH or a green parka or jacket is something that brings some color to a fall day without blinding the people around you. Fall days can be dull but the color green gives a little umph (umph is a word)

  6. LEATHER TOTE BAG, ladies this is a must, don’t make me come after you. This tote is mainly used for sneaking food into the movies….just kidding :). This is needed for those days you are running a lot of errands. Lets admit fall is truly errand season. Parties, cooking, family in town. A tote is needed and can be worn year round.

The staples above I chose because it’s my direct style. This are some beginner items and are pretty bland. I know some of you like a little more flair. I’m a bit traditional…okay maybe not, but as I said earlier I’m 5’11 so I don’t need to over accessorize. I’d look like a clown. The key is to see what you need to make you pop. Since I’m so tall I pop even when I look a mess and want to hide….you just see me coming either way.

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What are some of your staple items that you go to every single year. I’d like to know