Part 2   (part 1 here)

My first day in New York was, shall I say verrrrry welcoming. I did the absolute most and ordered a black car to pick me up from the airport to my Airbnb, why because “extra” is my middle name. I was already nervous because it was my first time staying at an Airbnb and the directions for getting into my temporary living space sounded like if I missed one step I'll be standing outside with my luggage. Verbatim, the directions read like this:

Look on the right hand side of my door to find a black lockbox attached to a small metal railing. (there are 2 lockboxes and mine is the one that says "IAN" on it!)

Pull open the plastic cover to see the keypad. Enter the 6-digit code, 000000# and pull down on the large button with the white arrow. Once it's open, remove the keys. (Please enter the code again to close the box before you enter the apartment!)

**If it doesn't open there is a small button below the keypad, pull that down and try it again. Also use the small button if you enter a mistake.

The keys will be numbered 1, 2, and 3. And they open 3 doors in that same order. Open the first two security doors and then go all the way to the top of the stairs to find my place (it is the very last apartment.)

Once inside, your room is to the right. (picture of Frida Kahlo on the door.)

It's super easy, so I'm sure you will be fine! If you have any issues you can call my cell.”

So as soon as I read this my thoughts were like hmmmm let me be sure to put his cell number in my phone because I'm sure I'll mess this mission completely up. Thankfully, God was on my side because Ian had made arrangements to meet me at his apartment since my flight was a little earlier in the evening. I was so grateful, Ian had a cute apartment on the top floor that was on the side of a store front. The staircase was narrow with a small railing to help us lazy people get up the stairs. When you walk in you'll be standing in the kitchen, on the left were plants, artwork from yard sales and pictures of jazz musicians. The living room had a piano surrounded by plants and nic nacs, with a bedroom adjacent to the piano. To the right was the bathroom and two bedrooms. My bedroom was a hard right and a straight walk to the back. Inside was a bed, dresser with an old typewriter on it, an end table with a lamp with a map and a swivel chair sitting next to the window. It was quaint, a little stuffy and bustling with Saturday activity outside my bedroom window, I was officially in Brooklyn.

Photo Via On the grid

Photo Via On the grid

Ian told me of some local places to visit, it was Cinco De Mayo so tacos were a must. He told me step by step directions for walking to Chevales, a local Mexican restaurant that's super popular. I walked and smiled at everything I thought we did in Chicago. You would have thought I was in a foreign land. I even cracked myself up; Is that R. Kelly playing in that bar ha, he's from Chicago. Are you guys selling Chicago style hotdogs, ha that's where I'm from. It was so crowded at the restaurant luckily there was 1 small seat open at the bar that I was able to squeeze into. There were two black girls sitting there, after building up some courage, I said “hey are you all from New York?” That was a nice ice breaker because an hour later after girl chat I left with some stories about riding the subway, how to watch out for the slasher (yes people ride the new york trains and slash people faces) and a bling bling rhinestone can of face mace that one of the girls gave me. She wanted me to enjoy my trip but with safety.

Photo: Via Chavelas

Photo: Via Chavelas

It was now 8pm and as I started walking back to my Airbnb I thought wow it's really early, its Saturday night and I'm in Brooklyn. Once you book your space Airbnb has different sections of offerings and experiences that you can pay for to help enjoy your trip. I remember browsing through all the options. A photo-shoot with a celebrity photographer for a set price, A 5 star VIP Club night through Manhattan, a Brooklyn Bridge tour and so much more. I jumped on top of the Photographer package because I knew I could only take so many selfies, plus I'm in the Big Apple, I will need some real photos. I paid $65 for my photo package. Her name is Jasmine and if you go to New York on a visit, please hire her HERE. I also saw plenty of the VIP party packages, free uber to the hot clubs, VIP all night, dinner and drinks all night, perfect for someone who is alone but doesn't want to sit in the house.

I didn’t pay for the VIP club package in advance because I was a little weary. However, I was in Brooklyn now, it's was 8pm and I had nothing to do. I pulled up my Airbnb app and starting frantically texting the hell out of Kai, the owner of The Lavish Life Vip clubbing. Below is my first message:

ME: Hi Kai I’m thinking of this package. I’m visiting and getting in later today. Its a solo trip so my girls not with me to turn up. I’ll be site seeing etc. I’m staying in bedstuy air bnb. Any places in that area I can buy a club dress. I have cutesy brunch dresses and heels. Do u think those will do or should I dress I’m true club gear.

KAI: I live in bedstuy too you could go downtown bk to shop if you like . We doing dinner tonight at Phd dream midtown then bottles at gilded lily

ME: Okay what time y’all getting together tonight? And how much for makeup?

KAI: At 10pm. I charge $30 for s full face, lashes included

756D6A45-3FC5-429B-A51A-E1B0A74DD0D0 (1).JPG
This is Kai she and Quan own Lavish Life Club promoting

This is Kai she and Quan own Lavish Life Club promoting

This is Quan, he made sure we were VIP entire night

This is Quan, he made sure we were VIP entire night

So as you can see I'm ready to PARRRRTAYYYY. Kai is gorgeous, a model and her boyfriend is a party promoter for New York Club Scene. You can find her HERE. I couldn't get my makeup done because we were meeting at 10pm, it was 8pm and I was still walking and texting trying to rush back to the Airbnb. I rushed home and showered, makeup, lashes, dress, clutch purse, bag for my heels because I was taking the subway into Manhattan and my face mace that I was gifted for safe travels Ha, i was ready for the slasher.  My first subway ride in Brooklyn was the best, everything you see on TV is true. As soon as I hit the bottom subway step Jack the Rat walked by me. I say walked by because you would have thought I was a Rat as well because he was not bothered.  As a matter of fact no one was bothered, just me.


What I think is so great about New York is that no one gives a damn what you are doing. I was in full face makeup with pearls, dress and a bag of heels and no one barely looked at me. On the train with me was a Doctor, homeless man, lawyer, random people and two more girls going clubbing, except they had on 6 inch heels and mini skirts. It was just another day in the neighborhood to the locals. I reached my stop in Time Square, stopped a guy on the street who showed me the way to PHD Dream night club,  and that my friends, is when my evening turned even more exciting. I HAD THE BEST TIME. After our first stop we were escorted to our Ubers and off to Scores gentleman's club. We were escorted directly to VIP just like celebrities; after Kai's boyfriend checked the bouncers at the door for being extra everything went smoothly. We were seated right next to the stage with a table of bottles and juice waiting. After trying to look super cool like I did this sort of thing every weekend Sisqo walked out and started singing Thong Song. He was so close all I had to do was stand up with my drink in my hand and take pics. Because why you ask, I'm VIP of course, I didn’t have to do nothing but dance cute and look important, I am from Chicago remember, hehehehehehe.

To save you all the reading I'll just give ya what you want PICTURES.

4B09A6F8-6CEB-48C5-A189-45232528140D (1).JPG
Inside my room

Inside my room

The rest of the evening was very eventful.  As I mentioned we were taken to the next spot.  No one knew where we were going.  We just hopped in 4 different ubers and didn't ask questions, minutes later we pulled up to Scores Gentleman's club.  I don't think I have to go into details here.  Lets just say it was not for the sensitive eye.  The highlight was seeing Sisqo sing Incomplete and Thong Song, that was the cherry on top of an eventful night.  

Often people ask me if I were scared, NOT AT ALL.  I'm a very talkative person, assertive and I stand at 5'11 so I'm not a meek looking person.  I always seem to "look" like I know what I'm doing, or where I'm going.  This is both a gift and a curse that I'll talk about in some other post I'm sure.  I guess in my next and last post on my New York trip I'll answer some deeper questions like was it liberating, freeing, soul enriching and stuff like that, all real questions I've been asked HA.  Until then please leave questions under this post and I'll be sure to answer them.