Valentines Day Outfit and My Thoughts About Love and Bad Days

I admit that I LOVE valentine's day. I love it so much that I would fear when the month of Febrary would finally show up. Now I wouldnt fear all the commercial stuff like flowers, candy, dates, activities. I would fear not receiving those things. I realize now that I had anxiety around anything that meant I could possibly be exposed. Maybe if I didnt receive chocolates and flowers it would be a reality that I am not loved, it would be a reality that I aint gots no man or the reality that there isn't any love in my life.



Here are a few things that can lighten up the first two weeks of February.

  1. Remember that during the first two weeks you may experience happiness and maybe bouts of sadness as you walk down the walgreens aisle or hear about some crazy plans a couple may have lined up. You may get reminded of the memories you and your ex experienced or you might simply miss him.

    (best song I listen to when I have the love blues is Aretha Franklin's Today I sing the blues

  2. Be happy for those who have crazy sexy plans and live vicariously through them. No worries your time will come.

  3. Have a day for the love blues, even outside of the month of Febrary remember that its okay to have a bad day. My motto for 2018 is its a bad day not a bad life. Accept the bad days as just that, a bad day. Sing the blues, put on some soothing music, your favorite girl songs or best christian church music, whatever gets you through a tough time.

  4. Be good to yourself, remember that those who seem to be having perfect days may have their imperfect days behind the scenes. No life is perfect, even the ones that look joyful, everyone and I mean everyone has things they deal with that they wish they didn't have to. In 2017 I went through a crazy breakup with my ex-fiance, it was bad bad bad and one day I'll talk about in detail, but for right now that's all I'll say.

  5. Lastly, I learned this recently, don't judge yourself!!!! Be exactly who you are, stay real with yourself and not afraid of what people think of you. As you gather yourself you'll find out everyone won't be on your support train.  However those that are on your support team will help pull you up in those tough times.

For my Valentine Day outfit I chose a cute little number from JC Penny.  It is currently on sale for $20 click the link and take advantage of it.  You can also order it for pick up at the nearest JC Penny near you.  However it must be in stock at that store