How to Nourish Your Life.  Nourishment For Your Everything.


I recently lost 11 pounds, and I couldn’t be more excited!  You’d think People Magazine would’ve done a spread, chronicling my journey. (They didn’t.) And it was just that: a journey. Losing 11 pounds was demanding! I have mad admiration and respect for those who take on heavy weight loss challenges.


A significant part of my 11-pound journey was nourishing my body. What foods I ate was only one part. Google states: “Nourishment is the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition.”  I unapologetically started making time for that which really served me.  I started with basic principles: healthy food, 30 minutes of exercise a day, and rest.  I began learning how to eat, using the Weight Watchers program. I exercised and trained for my first 5k in May, and I committed to getting to bed on time so I slept a full 7 hours.  Sounds simple, but it’s hard to actually keep up!.


After successfully changing behaviors and routines for a month, I felt more energized, fulfilled, and excited, able to check things off my to-do list while meeting inspiring people in the process.  I reassessed all that I desired and who I wanted to become.  I thought about what was holding me back.  Why aren’t I manifesting these things for myself and, most importantly, of what was I afraid?!



I started to be more like the person I wanted to be.  I adopted the attitude of the woman I’d wished and thought about becoming.  I didn’t wait until I had the right outfit, hair cut, purse, condo, man, or new body.  I did it NOW. More kindly, responsibly, and happily.  I was fully showing up, present to both myself and those around me. And I continued what I could daily to nourish my soul, my mind, my body.  Even considering ways to make my living room more inviting, or my bathroom feel more like a spa, or my bedroom feel like I had checked into the Four Seasons.  On a deeper level, I asked myself: How can I heal my wounds? With whom am I still upset? Where am I withholding love?  Where am I being vindictive? Where am I being dishonest with myself? And, most of all, with what am I currently unhappy?  I seemed to be asking the “right” questions because I got answers, and I want to share with you.


Where is there a deficiency of nourishment in your life?


My mentor and coach Derek Rydall says, “Go on a journey to find a little nourishment in all of your areas of life, so you can break the shell and get out. Just like the baby chick who must peck her way out of the shell because she has outgrown the space.”  This is how you strengthen yourself. Peck around to break a few self-limiting shells.  You may be wishing and hoping something or someone comes down from heaven and saves you. You may be running to the gas station playing the lotto in hopes of being rescued from your despair. You may daydream of waking up with a perfect body, hair, and teeth.  You may even be looking for a third job to straighten out some financial woes.  If so, wake up and pinch yourself because you are dreaming!  Even if someone did rescue you, it’s only a matter of time before you must be responsible for yourself, jump out of that tree, and flap them wings.


What if someone felt sorry for the cute, little chick and cracked her shell before she was ready?.  What would happen? She wouldn’t survive, she wouldn’t have had enough time to build the strength in her muscles and wings to survive in a larger world, a larger reality.  Her transformational trial was cut short.  You need that transformational trial to test your resolve. Look at yourself as the baby chick, preparing for a bigger world.  Keep pecking around.  When that new world for which you worked so hard finally comes, you will have the strength to soar seamlessly.


Your journey and transformational trial is needed. Everyday, find ways to nourish it.  Ask and meditate on those questions I listed above.  Most importantly, discover ways to continue to nourish yourself. I’m certain the baby chick didn’t look around her shell and think, This is some BS! Why did I end up with broke parents? Why am I stuck in here? I’m running out of room, I hate my life.  No, she didn’t! She pecked and nourished herself along the way.