The education system as we know has some reforming that needs to be done.  However, this does not take away the responsibility of us, the parents, to make sure our children receive and prepare for the best that any school has to offer. This process is quiet simple and requires only time and effort from you as a parent.

What I teach are the secrets to navigating this process.  The process that the ivy league schools look for in a potential student.

What's seen often is that the upper-class or wealthy always seem to know the answer or rise to the top.  With top colleges having little diversity economically in their institutions, it no wonder why low-income parents and student don't apply to such universities.

The thought is that you have to come from money, have rich parents and be well connected to play at that level.  This is not true.  After working with me we will debunk some old thinking and create new habits to live by.  Within no time results and a new future will start to emerge.