Special Events & Private coaching

A few times out of the year I speak at special events.  This means I create a tailored made message around education that improves the knowledge and excite action out of moms and dads to take control of their children's education.  I also consult one on one with clients to prepare kids for high school and college.



Coaching sessions

One of the hardest jobs around is to become a parent.  it is a job that no one ever knows how to do until they become one.  Being a parent is learned from your environment, your own childhood and of course your new programming.

In my one on one coaching sessions we dig into who you are as a parent.  The role you've played in the past and how this has contributed to your child.  I help see the road blocks and the resources that are their to help you in the goals you have for you child and for yourself.  Parenting is a balancing act that can take a turn if consistent wrong decisions are made.  Its a very personal process.

High school and college readiness

Seats up to 15

One of the biggest hurdles my parents have is underestimating the change that entering high school will have on their child. Most parents believe it's a natural process that most kids get through easily.  

Single moms have a hard job at this stage.  Your child begins to emerge into a new kid.  The type of parenting that you did in middle school will probably wont work when they reach high school.  Teen years can be very fun but also very stressful.  I work with parents on strategies and habits that will prepare them for the best outcome in both high school and college transitions.


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