Iā€™m Khaliah Ferguson and I am your coach, girl coach, mom coach, parent coach. I may be exactly what you need if you are an urban single mom raising a child or two. I may be what you need if you are interested in the perspective of how to find love, get married and live happily ever after. I may be exactly what you want if you need information about getting your children ready for the best possible education they can receive. Last but not least I may be what you need if you are feeling stuck and interested in improving your life, taking ownership of your life and ready to move to new heights.

We all have that secret imaginary life we want. The life we believe is way out of our league. The life that we watch others on reality TV live. The life we see our friends live. The life we admire in magazines or passerby's on the street. I often daydreamed about Condo's overlooking the lake shore drive in Chicago, walking a dog off the lake in my workout clothes, stopping off at lunch to chat with my girls and going home to a gorgeous man, yup I'm honest I did. Then I stopped daydreaming and as super scary as it was I started actively living and creating that dream. I want to show you how to create your dreams, your secret life, your secret wants. Its quite simple but hard work. It involves daily actions, breaking thoughts and beliefs about what you are capable of. This isn't comfortable but doable. Just as the caterpillar must emerge to become the butterfly, you can too. I want to share this with you here on my blog and in person shall we meet. Are you a bit interested? If so type your name and email below so you can get the inside scoop.

You may wonder, hmm where does this passion come from? Well, In my life as a single mom I learned how to recognize my fullest potential. For years I felt that I had dreams and goals that were not being manifested. Everyday I'd wake up thinking this life of mine has to get better. I was habitually unhappy, overweight, over worked and hadn't been taking great care of myself. I suffered from low self esteem and looked for validation in almost anyone. I always watched others in the distance live their lives, set goals and achieve them. With a lot of soul searching and coaching I was able to change gears and begin living my life authentically from my deep values. I was able to discover my true self and all the power and possibilities that I hold and how to live it fully. By creating unprecedented happiness I caught visions of who I was and continue to grow into and who I had been but never recognized. So much insight was gained.

I am a stand for honesty, no punches pulled type of girl. Growing up in the inner city of Chicago tailored me this way. Its okay, I'm at peace with it. I've learned to direct my up close and personal approach effectively. My personality and character has opened doors for me, especially when I realized it was my true way to connect.  So, I invite you to stick around and read some of my posts to learn about all topics geared to help you reach the vision of your life.